Monday, May 12, 2008

Home away?

Unbelievable. Unprecedented. Undeniable proof that the NBA is a business. With commissioner David Stern hoping for the next great Finals matchup between the Celtics and Lakers as much as OJ Mayo and Roger Clemens are convinced they did nothing wrong, fans await the outcome of a psychological experiment. According to Dan Shaughnessy today, Celtics management has done everything it can to make the C's feel at home in Cleveland with delivery of the Globe to hotel rooms, Legal clam chowder, celebrity Celtic fans in attendance, the home dancers, and more. And, with Stern's consent, Boston gets to wear their HOME white uniforms while the Cavs are stuck in dark jerseys! Talk about favoritism? Cleveland will use it all as ammunition, fuel to the fire. The only element not mentioned was referee ties to the green (and I really hope there is nothing like that).

By the way, The Onion ran a great article on Isiah Thomas' reasoning for taking the Knicks job in the first place. It reported his motivation as a "large-scale psychological study of New York residents." Intriguing, amusing, and irritating all rolled into one...


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