Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When a Receiver Loses His Mind

So, wide receivers come from a different mold than other football positions. The New York Times describes the "divas" as flamboyant egomaniacs, players who have the mentality of world class sprinters who do as they wish in the open field -- and sometimes even celebrate prematurely.

A friend of mine who played college football says receivers do not have to abide by the same responsibilities as the other spots on the field, that they are in a position that enables them to do their own thing more than anyone else. I guess that explains the brashness of Eagles' rookie wide-out DeSean Jackson as he "lost control" of the football just before crossing the goal line on Monday night. Was he striving for an early celebratory Usain Boltish finish? Trying to upstage Terrell Owens and his running, lean-in-over-the-line act earlier in the game? Or maybe he was just upset his name didn't make the NYT article and he wanted a little more ink?

See full video here.


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