Friday, February 25, 2011

The Journey

As one may guess, the last few months have been, well, exciting ... and the last few days have been, well, extremely exhilarating. The journey to Tuesday, February 22 included every possible emotion. I'm grateful to be able to work with so many wonderful people and want to thank all of the supporters of Caltech and the men's basketball program. It's been quite an experience to meet and talk to so many new folks over the last couple of days. What our current program has accomplished in only a couple years is the result of commitment, collaboration, and confidence. To continue to battle day in and day out is the ultimate head game. I couldn't be prouder of our players ... More thoughts to come.

You can follow the story and aftermath on the Caltech Basketball Blog and Facebook Fan Page.


S.K. said...

Belated congratulations on the big win. Twenty six years is a long time to be stuck in a drought. It's got to be liberating to get that kind of "monkey" off your backs.

May the positive developments keep accumulating for Caltech hoops!

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