Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comparing Results, Similar Ratings

There have been a substantial number of visits to this site since the post on USA player productivity, a summary of statistics derived from the Performance and Productivity rating (PaP). Here, we compare results from some of the more popular formulas known to calculate an estimate of productivity, whether the analysis is referred to as NBA Efficiency, Win Score, Game Score, Credit, PaP, or WARP. I even threw in an experimental "colleague" stat.

As one can guess from box scores and observations, Wade and James are always at the top. Bosh follows them in third, except in the new PaP, a stat that accounts more than the old for the ability to score. Here, we find Kobe in the top three. The big man from the Raptors was certainly an important power in the team's run for the gold and these stats do not account for the number of screens he set, how hard he ran the floor, or how he squatted into his stance to defend guards. Chris Paul is consistently in the top five and, by far, the most influential point guard. From there, it’s the steady Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard rounding out the top six.

By no means are these statistics a substitute for the ability to play basketball within a system, nor do they define strategy, leadership, chemistry, or other intangibles -- but they are interesting to examine. For an even more in depth analysis of Team USA that uses +/-, explore APBRmetrics.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new PAP.

dsparks said...

In case anyone's interested, I've got a substantially more in-depth look at the Olympics posted here.

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